The mission of Recovery Partners Montgomery…

“To develop a plan for our community to expand resources that support individuals and families seeking recovery; to adapt and expand the continuum of support services that covers the life span; to involve people in recovery, family members, employers and others in the community who are interested or who could support these developments.”

Recovery Partners Montgomery receives financial support to provide training and workforce development from the Maryland General Assembly via the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration.


Recovery-oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) is a coordinated network of community-based support services that are person-centered and build on strengths and resilience.  The ROSC model supported by the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), which is a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Fostering and developing the ROSC model has been led in Maryland by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration, now part of the Behavioral Health Administration. In 2010, the ROSC model was defined by Maryland’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration (ADAA) as;

“A network of formal and informal services developed and mobilized to sustain long-term recovery for individuals and families impacted by severe substance use disorders. The system in ROSC is not a treatment agency but a macro level organization of a community, a state or a nation.”

Recovery Partners Montgomery focuses on 4 Domains:

ROSC (Recovery Oriented Systems of Care) Change Leadership Team

Peer Leadership Institute / Workforce Development

Community Outreach / The Front Porch

Stigma Reduction Through Story Telling


Who Do We Serve…

Our primary service is to adults who have challenges with:

  • Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse conditions
  • Those who may have chronic health conditions such as Diabeties or HIV; and/or
  • Homelessness, criminal justice involvement and other life stresses, such as debt and court dates
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