Community Outreach / The Front Porch

“Building a recovery positive self-identity that is recovery-focused, not disorders focused, includes learning from the experiences of others as well as sharing your own truth.” 

~ William White

The consistent vision of Recovery Partners Montgomery has been to establish a center as a “one stop shop” to support people in recovery and create bridges to the community and employers. This is the Front Porch.  Based on the belief that Service and Hope are keys to effective peer-led services, the Front Porch sponsors outreach group sessions and events that promote the truth that “people can and do recover.”

Groups are held at treatment centers and programs serving homeless adults.  Beyond weekly outreach groups are outings to local museums, movies, live theater, and day trips to state parks or amusement centers. Events are planned and led by peers who have grown through RPM’s Peer Leadership Institute and embody the guiding principle of Service by giving back to another person, community, group in volunteerism or other acts of kindness.

Some of our Community Outreach events include:

  • Montgomery County Memorial Day Parade & Community Picnic
  • Adopt-A-Road Clean Ups
  • Women of Positive Change

Visit our Calendar of Events to learn more about our upcoming community outreach events.

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