Stigma Reduction Through Storytelling

Stigma is defined as a mark of shame, and is often a stereotype used to differentiate the “bad” from the supposed “good”. Stigma is a pervasive set of beliefs and attitudes toward people who are viewed as different or “other”.  There is even intergroup stigma!

Although some people may not fully be “cured”, recovery and a successful life do happen just as is true for people with cancer and heart disease.  Advocates respect all differences, seeking to understand before being understood.  People in recovery may have shame and internalized stigma.

Outreach events, public speaking and empowering people to speak for themselves are part of the vision and action plan for Recovery Partners Montgomery.  Several past events have focused on story-telling, leading for change and being present in places where “normal people” feel free to be such as live theater and art museums.  Through Recovery Partners Montgomery, we spread the message and hope of a life in the community for everyone.

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