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Recovery Partners Montgomery has been coordinating resources and other efforts to expand recovery support services within and outside of substance abuse treatment programs – Peer Support and Peer-led Services are keys to this expansion.

“The Peer Leadership Institute (PLI) has a mission to provide resources and opportunities to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental health conditions, trauma and other related health issues for the entire community.  We accomplish this through prevention, consultation, education, advocacy and intervention led by Peer Coaches.  Peer Coaches are people with lived experience, training and guidance who are working toward a credential or already are Certified Peer Recovery Specialists in Maryland.”

Peer Support Specialists and Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) have been part of the healthcare workforce for more than a decade.  As a trained Peer Support Specialist, people have an opportunity to utilize personal experience and growth to help others build hope and work towards long term sustained recovery and wellness. 

“The Peer Leadership Institute’s vision is to have peer-led recovery support in treatment centers, medical offices and other sites that serve our community such as homeless shelters and businesses.”

The Peer Leadership Institute has supported several expansions that link to the core mission of Recovery Partners Montgomery.  In stigma reduction, Women of Positive Change sponsors an annual celebration event and has developed a partnership to Adopt-a-Road which serves E. Gude Drive.  In community events, P2P Progress in Recovery has launched a Recovery Walk, an annual picnic and participation in the Rockville City Memorial Day parade.  P2P Progress in recovery is also a networking group that supports people seeking a CPRS credential and the non-profit entity for Avery Road Alumni. A few PLI participants have become approved to supervise other peers and have stablished a non-profit entity called Peer2Peer recovery Services, Inc. 

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